Are you the same Addison Bachman that publishes the US Embassy Jerusalem website?

Answer: Yes.  With the election of Donald J. Trump as our president on Jan 20, 2017, I launched this website in support of enacting the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 and for the right of Israel to be a single state as it is in eternity.

Visit the website here: US Embassy Jerusalem

Are you the same Addison Bachman from Dr. Gene Scott and the University Network ministry?

Answer: Yes. Dr. Gene Scott was my Pastor, my mentor, and like a father to me. I had the great pleasure of completing a 4 year pastoral internship, and a working relationship with him and the ministry for 30 years. Upon the death of Dr. Scott on February 21, 2005, his wife, Melissa Scott took over as Pastor. I pray that she keeps her promises made to a small gathering in the chapel of KH2 the day Doc moved home. We’re all witnesses!

Visit my Dr. Scott tribute site here:

Read Doc’s greatest proof text of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Click Here now!

Some Good News for students of Dr. Scott!

Joseph Cortes, Doc’s long time aide,
and meant-to-be-successor,
is keeping Doc’s legacy alive!

Click the picture below and discover for
yourself that the truth keeps marching on!

Are you the same Addison Bachman that is President of The Promised Land Community Church?

Answer: Yes. The Promised Land Community Church is a church For The Nontraditional Christian Man and Woman. “People Of Any Race, Creed, Gender, Or Lifestyle Are Welcome Here.”

Located In the WWW Click the logo to visit the web site!


Are you the same Addison Bachman that publishes, and is the voice of:

Answer: Yes. Click the picture above to visit the site!

Click here to read the email sent to every person who asks a question.

Are you the same Addison Bachman that publishes the Columbus New Mexico site?

Answer: Yes. Click the Columbus banner below to visit the site!

Are you the same Addison Bachman who runs Martha’s Place Hotel in Columbus, New Mexico?

Answer: Yes. Martha is my mother. I moved to Columbus, New Mexico in 2008 to help retire her. She sold the hotel in 2015 and moved with me to the East Coast.

Are you the same Addison Bachman from the Playboy Mansion?

Answer: Yes. I was a Senior Mansion Bartender. I worked there from 1999-2007 If I’m lying I’m dying. But here’s some proof.

(BTW Those girls aren’t wearing any clothes!)

Are you the same Addison Bachman from “Americas New War Zone”?
Answer: Yes. I garnered a little local media attention by way a of a CBS “Good News” story reporting on my actions during the week of the 9/11 attack. In short, after seeing a domain name like WORLDTRADECENTERATTACKED.COM offered on Ebay for one million dollars, DURING the burning and collapse of the towers, I cyber squatted over 1500 domain names related to the event to keep others from profiting on the names.

From this experience, I created the Domain Rescue Service, and successfully registered and transferred many names to their rightful owners.





I also started a web network called the Freedom Of Speech Network. Which I am currently updating and repurposing.


Are you the same Addison Bachman from Baja Pools?

Answer: Yes. The failure of this company 0n July 17th, 2006, created havoc in many peoples lives. We apologized then, and continue to apologize to those individuals and businesses that were affected. We personally went bust trying to do all we could do to survive and remedy the outstanding issues. We were about 80% successful in these efforts.

I was humbled and astonished at the amazing grace and understanding that most of those affected showed to us. More so, I was astonished by others committing to historical record on the internet the worst and most libelous lies.

For the record, Baja Pools was an honest effort that failed, and I must accept the responsibility for that. The fact is, I got into the pool contracting business because I hated it so much. That’s the truth. Baja was my attempt to “get back” at the industry that had ripped me off as a consumer, and later as a very successful pool salesman.

Before Baja Pools was even a thought, I had built over 100 web sites all designed to equip the new pool buyer with the tools to avoid getting ripped off. The most notable was Swimming With Pool Sharks. All toll, these web sites have helped untold 1000’s of people. You can imagine how sad a chapter the failure of Baja Pools was to me.



Last, but always first……
Are you the father of Addison S. Bachman?

Answer: Yes. I call him “Addiboy”. Here he is holding the winning trophy of the 2012 New Mexico Bowl, his last game for the University of Arizona Wildcats.

Are you the father of Ryan Neilson?

Answer: Yes. I miss my boy.
Click Here to view Ryan Neilson’s memorial web site.

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