Addison B Bachman FAQ

Here but by the grace of God, stand I.

Hello, if you found this web site, it was either by mistake, or for some reason you did a search for me, or you were directed here.

There's a lot posted on the internet about me, both good and not so good. So much so, it became a stumbling block. I found myself having to answer the same questions from a lot of different people. So I built this web site to provide something of a "Frequently Asked Questions" for all interested parties.

Although I have lived a very different kind of life, and have been exposed to a great many wonders, and a great many wonderful people, I'm limiting this "FAQ" to address those things that are publicly known, and written about me on the net.

Mostly the questions I get go something like this: "Are you the same Addison B. Bachman from.......?". The answer is usually yes, but sometimes its my son Addison S. Bachman.


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Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman from Dr. Gene Scott and the University Network ministry?

Answer: Yes. Dr. Gene Scott was my Pastor, my mentor, and like a father to me.

Visit: God's Angry Man website for more info.

I had the great pleasure of completing a 4 year pastoral internship, and a working relationship with him and the ministry for 30 years.

Upon the death of Dr. Scott on February 21, 2005, his wife, Melissa Scott took over as Pastor.

I pray that she keeps her promises made to a small gathering in the chapel of KH2 the day Doc moved home. We're all witnesses!


Some Good News for students of Dr. Scott!

Joseph Cortes, Doc's long time aide,
and meant-to-be-successor,
is keeping Doc's legacy alive!

Click the picture below and discover for
yourself that the truth keeps marching on!

Visit my online ministry at:

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you at peace, and alert in these amazing remaining days before ALL will see, and bow to Jesus without so much as a choice to do so as you do now. Amen.

As I write this letter I do so through tears of joy as I'm forced to reflect on the path that brought me here today. As far back as my spiritual memory will take me I can recall and proudly announce that but by the Grace of God stand I. I'm very fortunate and blessed to be aware of this fact.

This story starts years before where I'm going to start. For the sake of keeping things short, I'll just sum up those childhood years by saying it was a most unusual preparation for one day in the summer months of 1978....

Having been cast for one of 4 leads in a movie about a hybrid automobile called the "2nd Millennium Cruiser", I was attending the press conference where the real car was demonstrated and the movie announced. "Car Wars". I don't really remember how or why my Uncle Paul Maddox was in attendance, (Paul was a minister and worked many years with Billy Graham.) but I'll never forget what he said to me. He pulled me aside from the most exciting thing that could be happening to me as an 18 year old newly enrolled acting student. To be heard over the loudspeaker, Paul had to lean in, cup his hands around his lips and my ear to tell me the following: "Great one, (he always called me that. I don't know why. I suspect he called all young men that.) I understand you are searching for God and you're not finding the answers. (I looked right at him and nodded.) If you really want to learn about Him, there's only one man who teaches it right. (of course I'm waiting for him to invite me to some Billy Graham thing) That man is Dr. Gene Scott." "Who?", I responded. Paul told me that he's on TV and radio and I could attend his church in Glendale. Later that same day I had to go rent a new kind of small tractor called a Bobcat. (I was working for my brother Randy's landscaping company.) As it happened the owner of the rental yard's name was Paul. When he took me in his office to write up the deal, I immediately noticed a small black and white TV on top of an old file cabinet with a talking head filling the screen. He was talking about God. I asked Paul "Who is that?" his answer: "Dr. Gene Scott." Yeah, then and now I get chills. Later that night I tuned in the radio to 99.5 fm to hear Dr Scott's live show that evening. That particular night Dr. Scott was not live. He sent his mother "Mom Scott" to preach in his place. So my first listen was to what is now a classic and historical program in the annuls of the Gene Scott Ministry. She gave her testimony about raising W. euGene Scott. I got his whole story right from his mother's lips before I ever sat and listened to him. From that day until present, there was never a moment of doubt that God collided with me head-on, and changed my course. Praise God.

I tell you this story for the sole purpose of wanting you to know the reason you're reading this today comes from my desire to prove to you, that God keeps his word to never leave or forsake his anointed.  I'm calling you and all the readers of this letter to witness. I pray for your minds to be opened and receptive to this message....There can really be only two answers about the reality of the man called Jesus Christ. 1. He was a Liar and Con-artist or 2. He was God incarnate, murdered, buried and raised from the dead to provide another way for his murderers to be redeemed to Himself as brothers and sisters in an eternal heavenly family. So, ask yourself what camp do you fall in? I pray it's the latter. If not, I suggest you click and read what I consider the greatest proof text of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ ever preached. Click Here now!


Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman that is President of The Promised Land Community Church in Columbus, New Mexico?

Promised Land Community Church
A Church For The Nontraditional Christian
Man and Woman

Located In the Village of Columbus, New Mexico

"People Of Any Race, Creed, Gender, Or Lifestyle Are Welcome Here."
- Addison B. Bachman PLCC President

Answer: Yep. Click the logo to visit the web site!

Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman that publishes, and is the voice of:

Answer: Yep. Click the burning bush above to visit the site!

Click here to read the email sent to every person who asks a question.


Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman that publishes the Columbus New Mexico site?

Answer: Yep. Click the Columbus banner above to visit the site!

Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman who runs Martha's Place Hotel in Columbus, New Mexico?

Martha's Place Bed & Breakfast Hotel
204 Lima Rd Columbus, New Mexico 88029
We accept: MasterCard - Visa - Discover - AMEX
For reservations or information call:

Answer: Yep. Martha is my mother. I moved to Columbus to try and retire her. But she just keeps going strong!

Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman from the Playboy Mansion?

Answer: Yes. I was a Senior Mansion Bartender. (now retired) If I'm lying I'm dying. But here's some proof. Click pictures to enlarge.

(BTW Those aren't clothes those girls are wearing!)

Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman from

Answer: Yes. I garnered a little local media attention by way a of a CBS "Good News" story reporting on my actions during the week of the 9/11 attack. In short, after seeing a domain name like WORLDTRADECENTERATTACKED.COM offered on Ebay for one million dollars, DURING the burning and collapse of the towers, I cyber squatted over 1500 domain names related to the event to keep others from profiting on the names. From this experience, I've created Domain Rescue Service, and have successfully registered and transferred many names to their rightful owners.

The most recent transmutation of all this energy is called the
Freedom Of Speech Network.

Click below to start your journey across 100's of web sites.

Question: Are you the same Addison Bachman from Baja Pools?

Answer: Yes. The failure of this company 0n July 17th, 2006, created havoc in many peoples lives. We apologized then, and continue to apologize to those individuals and businesses that were affected. We personally went bust trying to do all we could do to survive and remedy the outstanding issues. We were about 80% successful in these efforts.

I was humbled and astonished at the amazing grace and understanding that most of those affected showed to us. More so, I was astonished by others committing to historical record on the internet the worst and most slanderous lies.

For the record, Baja Pools was an honest effort that failed, and I must accept the responsibility for that. The fact is, I got into the pool contracting business because I hated it so much. That's the truth. Baja was my attempt to "get back" at the industry that had ripped me off as a consumer, and later as a very successful pool salesman.

Before Baja Pools was even a thought, I had built over 100 web sites all designed to equip the new pool buyer with the tools to avoid getting ripped off. I still own and operate a few of these sites. The most notable is Swimming With Pool Sharks. All toll, these web sites have helped 10,000's of people. You can imagine how sad a chapter the failure of Baja Pools was to me.

Last, but always first......

Question: Are you the father of Addison S. Bachman?

Answer: Yes. I call him "Addiboy". Here he is holding the winning trophy of the 2012 New Mexico Bowl, his last game for the University of Arizona Wildcats.

Are you the same Addison Bachman that was/is Ryan Neilson's father? 

Answer: Yes. I miss my boy.
Ryan Neilson's memorial web site

I hope this page and its links have helped to fill in some blanks for you. I promise this isn't the half of it. If you come across any other musings about me on the Internet I would appreciate it if you would email me. Please include any url's (web addresses) or links that I can investigate.
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